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Sunday, 21 January 2018

LG published patent of foldable phone concept

LG has applied a patent for unnamed devices that are for 2 foldable phones.
Foldable phones makes switch between tablet and and a smartphone.

The korean company LG company's foldable phone looks like
The mobiles overview is the phone has a two cameras lenses on the back panel and when you folds the screen the front of the devices can display information on the front screen such as date, time, battery percentage etc.

In the earlier concept Samsung galaxy X keeps makes news, but now today samsung is not the one of the company who introduce foldable screen phone concept.

The figure given above, we will also split the screen in two display was shows. Same display which we operate from two side it helpful for watching movie etc.

In secondary concept a device that, when we fold and transform into smartphone mode, it does not feature on the exterior display. In the alternative, the rear camera is pushed to the side to reveal a transparent section that would act as a split screen for notifications and other etc.

But, think it just a patent or a concept, there is no guarantee that LG will actually use this design in the futuristic devices.


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